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[Humidifier] IKOR la ville 004 Hokuriku

JP¥ 3,800   (US$ 35.41)
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A natural evaporative humidifier that humidifies by simply pouring water into it. One side has a naturally rich landscape of majestic mountains with green trees and clean water visible in distance, while the other side has scenery that retains a bygone street-scape where you can glimpse a trajectory from the past to the present day.
With the nature and scenic street-scape of Hokuriku, no historic sites are left out, for your full enjoyment.
This simple, basic colored cityscape depicted using paper craft will add gentle moisture to your life. Place in an area where dryness is a concern and this will provide moderate humidity, alleviating dryness.
This cityscape in a simple, basic coloration can be used as an interior decoration at the office, in your living room, etc. Also, as it requires no electricity, it is kind to the environment and makes no noise.
●Materials: Tray: ABS resin,​ Filter: polyester,​ Struts: AS resin
●Contents: Tray (base/upper frame) x 1,​ Filter x 4,​ Strut x 9 (spare x 1) ,​ Instruction Manual x 1
●Size (approx.): [after assembly/when filter drying] Width 302 x Height 123 x Depth 104mm
[Box Size] Width 320mm x Height 45mm x Depth 200mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 260g
●Weight (including packaging materials): approx. 490g
●Made in Kanagawa Prefecture
●Brand Name: IKOR
[Usage Instructions]
STEP 1: Insert the struts (x 8),​ flat surface facing downward,​ into the tray (base) holes. Keep the tray upper frame removed.
STEP 2: Open the lower part of the new filter A1 a little,​ and set by sandwiching the tray struts and protrusions,​ using A1,​ A2,​ B1,​ B2 notations on the base as a guide. Set A2,​ B1,​ B2 filters in the same way as A1.
*Set filters from the front first in the order of A1,​ A2,​ B1,​ B2.
**When doing so,​ be sure that the filter direction (up & down,​ front & back) is the same as in the diagram.
STEP 3: Slowly pour water into the gap between the filters and tray. Use approx. 300cc of water,​ slowly pouring in so that it does not exceed the waterline on the inside of the tray.
STEP 4: Put the tray upper frame over the top,​ with the flat surface facing upward,​ and inset into the tray base.
*By doing the above,​ setting is complete. When replenishing water,​ please perform steps 3 & 4.
[Cleaning the Filters]
*Put plenty of cold or warm water into a container that can hold the entire filter. Soak the filter in this water and leave for about half a day.
*By soaking,​ dirt adhering to the filter will be dissolved by the water. Afterward,​ rinse gently with water and then use.
[Storage Instructions]
*When not using for a long period of time,​ throw away all water inside the tray,​ wash filters with water and then leave to dry.
*After they have dried,​ store in a plastic bag etc so that it does not accumulate dust and dirt.
●Please note:
This is not a product for children. As this item contains small parts,​ store out of reach of children and pets so they do not accidentally put pieces in their mouth.
*Please kindly understand that the usage instructions & instruction manual are aimed toward the Japanese market.
*Please kindly understand that the instruction manual is in Japanese.
[Precautions when pouring water]
*Be sure to use clean water.
*Do not put liquids other than cold water,​ such as aroma oils,​ hot water etc.,​ into the tray as this may cause damage.
*Use approx. 300cc of water,​ slowly pouring in so that it does not exceed the waterline on the inside of the tray. If you pour too much,​ the water will overflow and will make the surrounding area wet.
*Should you pour in too much water and it floods,​ drain water,​ wipe off water droplets on the tray with a dry towel etc,​ and pour again.
[Precautions when draining water]
*When draining water,​ remove filter(s) and tray upper frame and carefully drain from the edge of the tray. Do not drink the drained water.
[Precations regarding setting]
*Do not put on delicate equipment,​ electronic devices,​ documents etc.
*Do not put in an unstable place,​ such as places with wind and vibrations,​ and slippery places. This may cause it fall over as well as spillages.
*Place out of reach of children and pets.
*The included plastic struts,​ support clips (small plastic parts included in the item) are in a size that fits easily into the mouth,​ so make sure they are not put into the mouth.
*Do not place in direct sunlight,​ near heating appliances and fire,​ in places that become hot etc.,​ as this may cause damage.
[Precautions while using]
*Do not carry while there is water in the tray as there is a possibility of spilling.
*Do not put the water in the tray or filter in your mouth and do not drink it. This may harm your health.
*When using this for a long time,​ dust and impurities in the water may adhere to the filter and make it dirty. However,​ this is not mold.
*Should soiling be a concern,​ it is recommended that you purchase a replacement filter (sold separately) and replace.
*After using,​ the filter's anti-bacterial,​ anti-fungal effects will lessen,​ so please replace with a new filter after approx. 3-6 months.
*Depending on the usage conditions,​ such as temperature and humidity of placement area,​ you may need to replace the filter(s) more quickly.
*Please dispose of used filters in accordance with the garbage separation rules of the area you live in.
*Should there be an abnormal odor during use,​ or should it appear abnormal,​ discontinue use immediately.
*As this item naturally vaporizes,​ water vapor and mist that can be observed in other humidifiers does not occur in this item.
*Humidifying degree will vary depending on the conditions such as the temperature and humidity of the location where the item is placed. Low temperatures and high humidity decrease humidification,​ whereas high temperatures and low humidity increase humidification.
*This item is made for the purpose of humidifying its surrounding area.
*Do not use with anything other than its specially-made parts. Otherwise there is the possibility that future perfromance will deteriorate.
*The item's filter(s) have anti-bacterial,​ anti-fungal processing.
*Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W08530

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