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IKOR la ville 001 Tokyo Replacement Filter

JP¥ 2,600   (US$ 24.42)
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A replacement filter that lets you enjoy 2 kinds of scenery – Tokyo's classic building clusters with old downtown scenery on one side, and joyfully atmospheric scenery of the urban waterfront area of Tokyo Bay on the other.
A replacement filter for [Humidifier] IKOR la ville.
●Materials: polyester
●Contents: Filter x 4
●Size (approx.): [when filter is dry] Width 254 x Height 161mm
[Box Size] Width 280㎜×Height 202mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 29g
●Weight (including packaging materials): approx. 60g
●Made in Kanagawa Prefecture
●Brand Name: IKOR
[Usage Instructions]
STEP 1: Remove the upper frame of the tray and remove the current filter you are using.
STEP 2: Set the new filters (x 4) one by one into the tray (base). Open the lower part of the filters a little,​ and set by sandwiching the tray struts and protrusions.
*A1,​ A2,​ B1,​ B2 Filters: Set each filter one by one in the correct place on the tray bottom where it is marked A1,​ A2,​ B1,​ B2.
**When doing so,​ be sure that the filter direction (up & down,​ front & back) is the same as in the diagram.
STEP 3: Slowly pour water into the gap between the filters and tray. Use approx. 300cc of water,​ slowly pouring in so that it does not exceed the waterline on the inside of the tray.
STEP 4: Put the tray upper frame over the top,​ with the flat surface facing upward,​ and inset into the tray base.
*By doing the above,​ setting is complete. When replenishing water,​ please perform steps 3 & 4.
[Storage Instructions]
*When not using for a long period of time,​ throw away all water inside the tray,​ wash filters with water and then leave to dry.
*After they have dried,​ store in a plastic bag etc so that it does not accumulate dust and dirt.
[Precautions while using]
*This is not a product for children. As this item contains small parts,​ store out of reach of children and pets so they do not accidentally put pieces in their mouth.
*Do not put the water in the tray or filter in your mouth and do not drink it. This may harm your health.
*When using this for a long time,​ dust and impurities in the water may adhere to the filter and make it dirty. However,​ this is not mold.
*Blot be a concern,​ it is recommended that you purchase a replacement filter (sold separately) and replace.
*After using,​ the filter's anti-bacterial,​ anti-fungal effects will lessen,​ so please replace with a new filter after approx. 3-6 months.
*Depending on the usage conditions,​ such as temperature and humidity of placement area,​ you may need to replace the filter(s) more quickly.
*Please dispose of used filters in accordance with the garbage separation rules of the area you live in.
*Should there be an abnormal odor during use,​ or should it appear abnormal,​ discontinue use immediately.
*As this item naturally vaporizes,​ water vapor and mist that can be observed in other humidifiers does not occur in this item.
*Humidifying degree will vary depending on the conditions such as the temperature and humidity of the location where the item is placed. Low temperatures and high humidity decrease humidification,​ whereas high temperatures and low humidity increase humidification.
[Cleaning the Filters]
*Put plenty of cold or warm water into a container that can hold the entire filter. Soak the filter in this water and leave for about half a day.
*By soaking,​ dirt adhering to the filter will be dissolved by the water. Afterward,​ rinse gently with water and then use.
*This item is made for the purpose of humidifying its surrounding area.
*Do not use with anything other than its specially-made parts. Otherwise there is the possibility that future perfromance will deteriorate.
*The item's filter(s) have anti-bacterial,​ anti-fungal processing.
*Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W08531

IKOR la ville 001 Tokyo Replacement Filter
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