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Original iPad Case

JP¥ 6,800   (US$ 61.05)
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    An original iPad case. Available in a breezy jacquard weave small cherry blossom pattern or umehachi pattern. How about matching computers and Japanese patterns together?
    ●Made in Japan
    ●Materials: cotton (surface & reverse),​ nylon (side)
    ●Pattern: A: Small Cherry Blossom Pattern,​ B: Umehachi Pattern
    ●Size (approx.): Small: 22 x 19 x 33cm,​ Large: 30 x 23 x 4cm
    ●Weight (approx.): Small: 80g,​ Large: 100g
    ●Brand Name: Yumeya Hachiman
    ●Made in Kyoto Prefecture
    [Handling Precautions]
    *Do not wash with water or iron.
    *Cannot be dry-cleaned.
    Item No.  W08634

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