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Original Persimmon-Dyed Casquette Hat Cap

JP¥ 8,400   (US$ 76.18)
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An original persimmon-dyed casquette hat. Can be worn cutely or stylishly!
●Made in Japan
●Materials: 100% cotton
●Color: A: Persimmon-Dyed Color,​ B: Sunset Color
●Brand Name: Yumeya Hachiman
●Made in Kyoto Prefecture
[Handling Instructions]
*Has been persimmon-dyed,​ then the color has been developed in the sun and it has been wash processed in order to create an uneven dyed appearance.
*Please enjoy the natural graceful color of the persimmon dye.
*Use a mild detergent.
*Should it darken,​ mix an acidic liquid (lemon juice etc) with water and soak to return it to normal.
*Cannot be machine washed. Hand-washing gently at 30℃ is recommended.
*Do not dry-clean or iron.
*It is recommended to hang dry in the shade.
Item No.  W08639

Original Persimmon-Dyed Casquette Hat Cap
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