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Kyoto Yuzen Stencil-Dyed Card Case,​ NAMI/Gray

JP¥ 13,000   (US$ 115.13)
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A famous Kyoto Yuzen artisan has made this beautiful card case using original dye and the technique of stencil dyeing. Made of leather material that doesn't fade easily and, since it's coating-free, you can enjoy not only the great texture but also the change in color as time goes by. In a smart and stylish design with plain paneling. The wave pattern traditionally represents peace and prosperity. For this item, it's arranged to create a modern look.
●Size Details:
Height: 70mm
Width: 100mm
Depth: 10mm
●Weight (item only) [g]: 40
●Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 60
Surface: leather
Inner Side: Polyester,​ cowhide
●Production Area:
Planning,​ dyeing: Kyoto
Leather (tanning): Hyogo Prefecture
Sewing: Osaka
●Brand Name:
●Please Note:
Leather does not agree with water and rain. Avoid storing in areas with humidity or where mold may occur.
Do not wipe with volatile substances (benzine,​ thinner etc). This will cause color discoloration and deformation.
Be sure not to wash in hot or cold water.
This item or its metal parts may be damaged or broken if you stuff in too many items or heavy items.
Item No.  W08984

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