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ACP,​ Smart Phone Case,​ [Shishiou-Yuhozu] Hard Type

JP¥ 2,800   (US$ 25.15)
  • iPhone5/ 5s
  • iPhone5c
  • iPhone6/6s
  • iPhone6Plus/6sPlus
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    [Shishiou-Yuhozu] Go beyond the night with a guide of moonlight. When the starlight melts in the morning dawn, everyone will be waiting there. A silver place. A promised place.

    Tadashi Ura: Born in Nagasaki in 1972. Lives in Yokohama. An ink painter.

    Masterpieces that artists have passionately worked on are reborn as smart phone cases. Bring a favorite painting with you anywhere. It's fun to choose a smart phone case depending on the artist, or even your feelings. All of these cases from [ACP/ARTIST COLLABORATION PROJECT] are of high-quality, and they will add colors to your daily life. Featuring durable polycarbonate. It also has holes for the earphone jack and camera. You can take a picture with the case on! The printing method specifically for three-dimensional objects won't let the ink come off or deteriorate. The white-printing underneath gives it a vivid look.

    Compatible models: iPhone5/ iPhone5c/ iPhone5s/ iPhone6/ iPhone6Plus
    ●Materials: polycarbonate
    [Size (approx.)]
    iPhone 5/5s: H125mm x W60mm x D9mm
    iPhone 5c: H125mm x W60mm x D9mm
    iPhone 6: H138mm x W67mm x D7mm
    iPhone 6 Plus: H158mm x W78mm x D7mm
    [Weight (item only)]
    iPhone 5/5s: approx. 11g
    iPhone 5c: approx. 11g
    iPhone 6: approx. 13g
    iPhone 6 Plus: approx. 14g
    [Weight (including packaging material)]
    iPhone 5/5s: approx. 36g
    iPhone 5c: approx. 36g
    iPhone 6: approx. 38g
    iPhone 6 Plus: approx. 39g
    ●Made in Osaka Prefecture
    ●Brand Name: ACP
    [Handling Precautions]
    *When attaching this item to a smart phone,​ properly remove dust,​ dirt etc from your phone and this item before doing so. If either is dirty while this item is attached,​ it may damage the phone.
    *This item does not completely protect your smart phone from damage,​ impacts etc. Please kindly understand that it cannot handle strong impacts from dropping etc.
    *Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
    Item No.  W09464

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