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Crafts >> Modern Japanese: Beauty >> Others >> [For Hand-Washing] Yasashiku Naritai Foam Soap, Hand Soap, Foamy, Bottle, 300ml
Beauty & Health >> Diet/Health >> General Health >> [For Hand-Washing] Yasashiku Naritai Foam Soap, Hand Soap, Foamy, Bottle, 300ml

[For Hand-Washing] Yasashiku Naritai Foam Soap,​ Hand Soap,​ Foamy,​ Bottle,​ 300ml

JP¥ 1,000   (US$ 8.90)
Special Shipping Cost:  Asia: JP¥ 700   North America/Oceania: JP¥ 1,000
Europe: JP¥ 1,100   Africa/South America: JP¥ 1,200
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The "Yasashiku Naritai" series was born from the desire of wanting those who are prone to skin irritation, such as mothers who have given birth and small children, to use items that are kind to the skin.
The item's mark represents the tenderness and love of parents towards their children. Using natural ingredients that are gentle to the skin. The [Yasashiku Naritai] series is aimed at bringing greater peace of mind and we hope that you feel a pleasant sensation when using these items.

Features of the Yasashiku Naritai Series
[Cleaning Ingredients] Soap ingredients with excellent biodegradability which are friendly to the environment.
[Contains No] Synthetic surfactants, preservatives, antioxidants, artificial colorings, synthetic fragrances, shape stabilizers, petroleum-based cleaning ingredients, silicon
[All Ingredients] Selected to be suitable for your own skin as well as your baby's or children's.

A convenient mint-scented foaming hand soap. Made from ingredients gentle to your skin, it can be used by little children and those with sensitive skin.
*Containing a natural ingredient, hinokitiol (purifying ingredient) which keeps your hands clean. Recommended for those with pimpled skin.
*Can be also used for body soap, and shampoo for children since the foam doesn't drip.
*Children love to wash their hands with the foam. Wash thoroughly with the refreshing mint aroma!
*Made using only environmental-friendly ingredients that have excellent biodegradability.
*Synthetic surfactants, artificial colorings, synthetic fragrances, antioxidants, preservatives etc are not used.
●Materials/Ingredients: [Ingredients] Water,​ potash soap base,​ glycerin,​ Ethanol,​ potassium chloride,​ chamomile extract,​ peppermint oil,​ hinokitiol,​ citric acid (pH adjuster)
●Size (approx. mm): Diameter 65 x Total Length 170
●Weight (item only): 300ml
●Weight (including packaging materials)[g]: 380
●Made in Kurume,​ Fukuoka Prefecture
●Brand Name: Yasashiku Naritai (Maruha Yushi Kagaku)
●Handling Precautions:
[Please Note]
*Be careful that infants do not play with this.
*Should you accidentally swallow this,​ drink lots of water.
*Should this get in your eyes,​ rinse with lots of clean water.
*Depending on the temperature,​ the lather state may vary and the liquid may become cloudy. However,​ this does not affect its cleaning power.
*Wet hands and take out the amount for 1 application from the pump. After washing well to remove impurities etc,​ rinse well with clean water.
*As this is made using natural materials,​ the color,​ fragrance etc may differ slightly from the photos etc.
*Should there be no stock,​​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W09514

[For Hand-Washing] Yasashiku Naritai Foam Soap,​ Hand Soap,​ Foamy,​ Bottle,​ 300ml
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