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[Komo Barrel Hand Towel Set] Komolabo,​ Naoya Kon

JP¥ 3,500   (US$ 32.23)
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Expresses the scene that everyone is having fun creating the word "celebration". With the feeling of "congratulations".
"Komolabo" is a project started to hand down komo barrels, which has inherited Japanese traditional culture as producing a bright atmosphere with its "kagami biraki" at happy events, to the next generation in more modern and casual way of gifts.
Even though it's small, each barrel is made by skillful craftsmen. Recommended for a gift since it has a tenugui (Japanese hand towel) inside. Komolabo produces new kinds of komo barrels that are born out of creators' imagination based on the history and background.

About Komodaru barrels
A sake transport ship called "Tarukaisen" was used for transporting high-quality sake from Itami and Nada to Edo (Tokyo). In order to protect the barrels, people wrapped around a big shitodaru (72-liter barrel) with a woven straw mat and called them "komokamuri". Also, "shirushikomo" on which trademarks were printed or branded were used to distinguish the brand.
In Amagasaki, which is famous for high-grade sake production in Japan, still manufactures shirushikomo that are used by sake breweries all over the country.A "Kagami biraki", in which the kagami (the lid) is vigorously opened and a toast is made with the sake inside, is necessary for auspicious events such as a wedding ceremony and celebration party. This company has been continuing to provide these komodaru barrels that make your special day even more brilliant since its establishment in the late 19th century.
●Set Contents: Main Item x 1,​ Hand Towel x 1
●Materials: [Main Item] (Cask) polyethylene,​ (Rope) polypropylene,​ (Lid) maple (hard maple),​ paper core,​ [Hand Towel] Cotton 100%
●Made in Hyogo Prefecture
●Size: [Main Item] (Diameter) approx. 9cm,​ (Height) approx. 8cm,​ [Hand Towel] approx. 50 x 35cm
●Weight (item only) [g]: 120
●Weight (including packaging material) [g]: 160
●Handling Precautions:
*Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
*Due to the paper core,​ do not put in liquid.
[Hand Towel Usage Precautions]
When washing the hand towel,​ the color may transfer,​ so avoid washing with other items.
*Do not bleach. (There are also som washing detergents that contain bleach,​ so please be careful.)
*Color may transfer onto clothing due to rain,​ sweat,​ friction etc.,​ so be careful when using.
*As each item is hand-made individually,​ color and shape may differ slightly from the photos.
*Should there be no stock,​​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W09564

[Komo Barrel Hand Towel Set] Komolabo,​ Naoya Kon
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