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[Bento Box] Kokeshi Two-Tiered Bento,​ Ichiro

JP¥ 1,600   (US$ 14.22)
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This cute kokeshi-shaped bento box is filled with charm. The head portion acts as a bowl, allowing you to enjoy miso soup with your lunch as well. The two-tier design keeps your rice and sides completely separate until you're ready to eat. Its compact size makes it a great choice for children and ladies as well. Includes a box.
●Materials: Molded saturated polyester and ABS resin
●Made in Yamanaka,​ Ishikawa Prefecture
●Brand Name: HAKOYA
●Size: 100 diameter x 130mm,​ [Total Volume] approx. 440ml (Upper: approx. 240ml,​ Lower: approx. 200ml),​ [Lid (bowl)] 240ml
●Weight (product only) [g]: 220
●Weight (incl. packaging) [g]: 230
●Please Note:
*Sealing lids are not safe for use in household microwaves or dishwashers.
*Laying it on its side or shaking it may cause contests to leak.
*Forceful impacts may cause damage to this item.
*Do not place in oven or expose to direct flame.
*Please do not clean with brushes or abrasive cleansers; this may damage the item.
*Please store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures; this may cause changes in shape and color.
*When washing in dishwasher,​ please do not stack glass or ceramic items on top. The weight of those items may cause a change in shape.
●Other information:
*Also Included: sealing lid,​ anti-slip strap
*All pieces aside from sealing lids are microwave safe.
*All pieces aside from sealing lids are dishwasher safe.
*This item is hand-painted one at a time; slight color inconsistencies and small nicks may be present. Thank you for your understanding.
*After use,​ was using a wet sponge and pH-neutral dish detergent,​ rinse,​ and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.
*This item is hand-painted; color and design of actual item may differ slightly.
*If an item is out of stock,​ it will be made upon receipt of the order. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer support for questions regarding delivery.
Item No.  W09754

[Bento Box] Kokeshi Two-Tiered Bento,​ Ichiro
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