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Obento Azuma Bag Shippo Red

JP¥ 800   (US$ 7.04)
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Simple bag created by tying the right and left corners in a knot at the center to create a handle. Handy item that combines the usefulness of a furoshiki and a pouch. Versatile bag that can hold small or large size lunches.
●Materials: cotton
●Production: Ishikawa prefecture Yamanaka
●Brand Name: HAKOYA
●Size: Gusset (Length approx. 220 x Width approx. 80) x 370mm
●Weight (Product only) [g]: 38
●Weight (Packaging material incl.) [g]: 40
●Handling Instructions: When purchasing this item,​ please make sure the size will fit the lunch box you have or plan to purchase. Some items such as the layered boxes are unsuitable.
*The suitable size will be the same as the bottom (depth) measurements.
*If the requested item is out of stock then item will be made after the order. Depending on the item,​ there may be some delay in delivery. If you have any question regarding delivery,​ please contact Customer Support center.
Item No.  W09954

Obento Azuma Bag Shippo Red
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