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[Traditional Wooden Square Cup] Masuryoshka "Sun" (Mitsunori Taoda)

JP¥ 2,200   (US$ 19.53)
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Sunrise - Midday - Sundown. Images showing the passing of time.

"Masuryoshka" is a "Masu" set that has 3 different size square cups that fit into each other. The name is a play on words from the Russian folk art "Matryoshka dolls". Like the dolls, the "masu" fit perfectly into each other. They have various uses such as a ceremonial toasting cup at a get together or as a cute container for candies and small items.
A graphic designer group called [D+] created the images and each 3 piece set comes with images that have one common theme.
●Materials: Tono Hinoki (Japanese cypress found in Tono region)
●Production: Gifu prefecture
●Brand Name: Masuryoshika
●Size: [Package Size (approx.)] Length 95mm x Width 95mm x Height 53mm,​ [Product Size (approx.)] Large) 91mm Square x Height 51mm,​ (Medium) 69mm Square x Height 42mm,​ (Small ) 52mm Square x Height 33mm
●Weight (Product only) [g]: 160
●Weight (Packaging material incl.) [g]: 220
●Handling Instructions:
*When used for drinking liquid,​ the wood may expand and may not fit into each other.
*This item is for drinking and cannot be used as a measuring cup. Please do not use this item for other purposes.
[Regarding Cypress Masu]
*Do not place item in water (warm or cold) or leave sitting in detergent for long duration. This may cause leakage.
*Do not place in dish washer. This may cause leakage.
*To remove wood sawdusts from surface,​ use wet cloth rung thoroughly before wiping. When washing the interior,​ do it quickly to avoid water from seeping in.。※Masu will be clean and ready for use upon delivery.
*Minute particles of sawdust and resin may appear but these are completely harmless.
Cyress Masu cannot hold liqud for long period. It may caus leaking. (For instance,​ it may leak if left standing overnight with liquid still remaining within.)
*Masu used after the first time may shrink and cause leakage.
*This item is made by hand from natural wood and each item is unique. The delivered item may not have the same wood grain,​ color or the size may be slightly different from that seen in the photo.
*If the requested item is out of stock then item will be made after the order. Depending on the item,​ there may be some delay in delivery. If you have any question regarding delivery,​ please contact Customer Support center.
Item No.  W09975

[Traditional Wooden Square Cup] Masuryoshka "Sun" (Mitsunori Taoda)
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