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Crafts >> Modern Japanese: Fashion Goods >> Hand Towels/Wrapping Cloths >> [Square/Triangle] Isa Pattern Dual Side Chrysanthemum, Red / Light Blue
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[Square/Triangle] Isa Pattern Dual Side Chrysanthemum,​ Red / Light Blue

JP¥ 800 - JP¥ 3,000   (US$ 7.11 - US$ 26.68)
  • A: Square
  • B: Triangle
  • Quantity
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    [Isa Pattern is a traditional printing process that has taken on a new refreshing look that matches today's lifestyle]
    Isamonyo Kenjyujo (founded by Kunio Isa) has created many patterns/designs since 1945. Using the traditional techniques of pattern printing, they have created new and refined patterns for 50 years and still continue to attract the hearts of people today.
    The Kenkyujo has over 3,000 preserved persimmon juice covered patterns and is consistently creating new ones. They strive to keep traditional pattern dyeing alive by reintroducing old patterns to the next generation and bringing these patterns to various new areas.
    ●Materials: 100% cotton
    ●Type : A: Square,​ B: Triangle
    ●Size (approx.): A: 48cm,​ B: 104cm
    ●Weight (Item only): A: approx. 35g,​ B: approx. 180g
    ●Weight (Packaging material incl.): A: approx. 38g,​ B: approx. 180g
    ●Manufacturing Area: Kyoto
    ●Brand Name: Musubi
    ●In relation to photography conditions,​ the color and pattern nuance may differ slightly.
    ●If the item is out of stock,​ it will be manufactured when the order is made. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. If you have any questions regarding delivery time,​ please contact customer service.
    Item No.  W10039

    [Square/Triangle] Isa Pattern Dual Side Chrysanthemum,​ Red / Light Blue
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