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Hitotema Kit Dinner Fork

JP¥ 750   (US$ 6.78)
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Remove from the mold, and shave and polish to make your favorite shape. This "Hitotema kit" lets many people learn how fun it is to make something that takes a little bit of time. You can easily make wooden tableware with this item.

●About Hitotema Kit
A handy kit that allows you to make stylish wooden cutlery easily and casually.
As it's already cut in the shape of a fork, spoon, etc., you just have to carve it to make your favorite shape after removing from the wood mold. What you need are a chisel or small knife, and sandpaper. You don't have to prepare special tools.
After you have made one, it will be easier to make another one. It's also fun to make some and compare them. Perfect for a gift for those who like handicrafts.
This Hitotema kit allows you to enjoy making something while taking your time. How about change your lifestyle starting with your tableware?
●Materials: solid cypress wood (Japanese material),​ FSC certified wood (mix) certification no.: SA-COC-003741
●Size Details (approx. cm): Height 20 x Width 4 x Thickness 1.5
●Weight (item only)[G]: 33
●Weight (including packaging material)[G]: 38
●Made in Nishiawakura,​ Okayama Prefecture
●Brand Name: Hitotema Kit
●Handling Precautions:
*After using,​ wash immediately with cold or warm water.
* By applying cooking oil (olive oil etc) to properly dried tableware on a daily basis,​ stains will not soak in easily and it will prevent deformation and cracking.
*As this is made of natural solid wood,​ depending on the item there may be slight gnarls,​ warping,​ color difference or resin.
*Item is seared during the manufacture procedure,​ however there is no problem with the materials.
*Avoid leaving in water for a long time and sterilization by boiling.
*Avoid using a dishwasher,​ dish-dryer,​ microwave and oven.
*The finish of each item will differ from person to person. Enjoy the uniqueness of your original item.
*Take care handling blades when making.
*Always be sure that a child makes this with a guardian.
[How to Make]
1. Cut with a knife and chisel,​ then shape.
2. Polish whole surface with sandpaper to improve its feel and texture.
3. To finish,​ it is a good idea to coat with olive oil or beeswax.
4. Your unique,​ original cutlery is complete!
[Required Items] craft knife,​ chisel (round blade),​ sandpaper
[Contents] Dinner Fork x 1

*Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please kindly contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W10763

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