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ATSuBOuGu Cold-Resistant Gloves,​ Thick

JP¥ 8,000   (US$ 74.54)
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    [Wakayama NEXT Item]

    Cut-resistant gloves that won't be cut by the sharp rocks of mountains.
    Perfect for work in severe conditions as they are heat-retaining, quick-drying, and heat-resistant. The very soft material won't bother when you use buttons, dials of a watch, pen, etc.
    The wool fabric creates an air layer. Made using a aramid fiber that features a high heat-retaining ability and durability. As the material is thick, these can be used as winter gloves.
    ●Materials: 33% aramid,​ 67% wool
    ●Size: [M](Hand Circumference) 20cm,​ (Root of Middle Finger - Finger Tip) 7.5cm,​ [L](Hand Circumference) 20cm,​ (Root of Middle Finger - Finger Tip) 9.0cm
    ●Weight (item only)[g]: [M] 90g,​ [L] 100g
    ●Weight (incl. packaging material)[g]: [M] 100g,​ [L] 110g
    ●Made in Hashimoto,​ Wakayama Prefecture
    ●Brand Name: ATSuBOuGu
    ●Please Note:
    *Do not tumble-dry.
    *Due to the nature of the fabric,​ it will become easily snagged. Please be careful.
    *These are protection gloves made so that your skin is not exposed to outside air in a high altitude or cold region. They do not directly apply warmth.
    *As these are very breathable,​ there are not windproof/waterproof.
    It's in a breathable design to quickly dry sweat,​ rain,​ etc.
    Moisture takes away heat. so these dry gloves won't take heat away from the body during activity on a mountain etc.
    Wear windproof/waterproof gloves on these if needed.
    ●Other: Should there be no stock,​​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
    Item No.  W11501

    ATSuBOuGu Cold-Resistant Gloves,​ Thick
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