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Hitotema Kit,​ Pencil

JP¥ 1,300   (US$ 11.67)
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“Hashiru Nippon-Ichi” project original items - charming souvenirs of places along JR West routes that can be purchased inside a Sanyo Shinkansen carriage.

Hitotema kit pencil is a pencil lets you learn how fun it is to make something that takes a little bit of time. You can shave the wood in your favorite shape or thickness. Enjoy making your own original pencil by coloring with a pen or paint, or carving a name.
The package made in collaboration with Hashiru Nippon-Ichi will become a gift box with a shinkansen pattern if you assemble it. Perfect for when you want to give the pencil you make to someone special or in celebration of a new school term.
●Materials: natural wood (cypress)
●Item Size: 7 x 25 x 1cm
●Weight (item only): approx. 43g
●Weight (incl. packaging material): approx. 48g
●Made in Okayama Prefecture
●Brand Name: Hashiru Nippon-Ichi
Pencil kit (3 pencils)
Pencil lead (3 pieces)
Present case (mount)
[How to make]
*Please prepare a cutter,​ sandpaper,​ and wood glue.
*Always be sure that a child makes this with a guardian present.
1. Put wood glue on the surface that has a groove and insert the lead.
2. Tie with elastic,​ etc and dry until fixed.
*Put glue in the groove as well.
*Should the wood not adhere after inserting lead,​ squash the grove with a ruler,​ etc.
3. Shave the corner and polish with a sandpaper to finish.
*The base sheet included in the kit has folds and becomes a present case when assembled.
[Please Note]
*As the lead is fragile,​ handle with care.
*Always be sure that a child makes this with a guardian present.
*Be careful not to injured yourself when using tools.
*When using a cutting tool,​ use a cutter mat to prevent damage to furniture.
*As it features natural solid wood,​ it may have a gnarl,​ curving,​ color difference or resin depending on the item.
*Scorching may occur during production process,​ but this has no effect on the quality of the product.
*Be careful of the sharp portion when using.
*Avoid fire and direct sunlight and store in a place with low humidity.
*Avoid leaving in water for a long time and sterilization by boiling.
*Avoid using a dishwasher,​ dish-dryer,​ microwave and oven.
*Do not use for any purpose other than its intended one.
*The finish of each item will differ from person to person. Enjoy the uniqueness of your original item.
*Due to the characteristics of the material,​ resin may come out,​ but this has no effect on the quality. It is recommended to wear an apron to prevent clothes from getting dirty.
*Please kindly understand that stock is limited.
Item No.  W11554

Hitotema Kit,​ Pencil
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