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Dinosaur Toothbrush (Brachiosaurus) White

JP¥ 350   (US$ 3.17)
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Kids love dinosaurs and so will love this dinosaur design toothbrush. Be together with your favorite dinosaur when brushing your teeth! In a small size for kids.
●Materials: [Handle Material] saturated polyester resin,​ [Brush Material] nylon,​ [Brush Firmness] Regular,​ [Individual Packaging Material] polypropylene resin
●Size Details: [Total Length] 156.5mm,​ [Bristle length] 10mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 9
●Weight (including packaging material)[G]: 16
●Made in Yao,​ Osaka Prefecture
●Brand Name: Dinosaur Brush (for Kids)
●Handling Precautions:
*Brush in small steps with light force.
*Applying too much pressure may damage your gums.
*Biting the toothbrush or applying strong force may cause the brush hairs to come out or break off.
*When the brush hairs start to spread out,​ change your toothbrush as soon as possible.
*Heat Tolerance: 60°C
●Other: Should there be no stock,​​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W11994

Dinosaur Toothbrush (Brachiosaurus) White
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