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Crafts >> Modern Japanese: Interior Decoration >> Ornaments/Decorations >> [1 Item Only] Ornament, (Ceramic Box) Cat, Masaru Nishikawa Work
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[1 Item Only] Ornament,​ (Ceramic Box) Cat,​ Masaru Nishikawa Work

JP¥ 100,000   (US$ 895.26)
Special Shipping Cost:  Asia: JP¥ 3,500   North America/Oceania: JP¥ 4,700
Europe: JP¥ 5,400   Africa/South America: JP¥ 8,500
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A unique shape is one of the wonderful things about craft items. This piece by Masaru Nishikawa creates a vivid space that makes you feel fresh, exciting romance beyond reality. This interesting piece with a pattern depicted on a real animal shaped item is available in various types.
Each hand-crafted piece is filled with heart & soul and has presence that takes it beyond being a mere ornament.
●Materials: ceramic
●Size: [Width] approx. 22.5cm x 15.0cm,​ [Height] approx. 13.5cm
●Weight (item only) [Approx. g]: 1280
●Weight (including packaging material) [Approx. g]: 2280
●Made in Kyoto,​ Kyoto Prefecture
●Brand Name: Masaru Nishikawa
●Handling Precautions:
*Each item is made by hand. The item in the picture will be delivered.
*Please use this as an object of appreciation.
*Ceramic Ornaments: Please place in a flat location.
*Use a feather broom etc. Do not wipe with a wet cloth etc.
*Depending on the item,​ the surface and inner surface may be rough.
*The bottom surface has been polished. However,​ depending on wear you place it,​ use a mat underneath just in case.
*When storing,​ especially items that contain gold/silver,​ gently wipe with a soft cloth etc,​ remove dirt and carefully put away.
*Take proper care taking the item out when unpacking. Gently remove from the wooden box. The item has a protrusion,​ so unpack in a stable place so that it will not fall.
1. Comes packaged in a double box. Unpack in a stable place. Unpack the outer box and then slowly remove from the inner box.
2. Unpack inner box in a stable place.
3. Gently lift directly upward with both hands when removing while paying attention to the protruding portion.
*Depending on the item form,​ there may be a cord attached for easy lifting.
*Take care as it consists of 2 parts - an upper and lower portion.
*Store carefully together with the wooden box.
*No returns accepted.
*After ordering,​ the hakogaki box inscription will take around 2 weeks.
*This item is sent double packed.
*When purchasing other items at the same time,​ this item will be sent out on its own.
*Comes in wooden box
*Item Images: Due to the factors such as photographic equipment,​ printing machine etc.,​ the color and shape may have a different appearance to the actual item.
Item No.  W12072

[1 Item Only] Ornament,​ (Ceramic Box) Cat,​ Masaru Nishikawa Work
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