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[1-Item Only] Matcha Bowl,​ Tenmoku Andromeda,​ Moriyasu Kimura Work

JP¥ 735,000   (US$ 6,580.13)
Special Shipping Cost:  Asia: JP¥ 1,800   North America/Oceania: JP¥ 2,400
Europe: JP¥ 2,800   Africa/South America: JP¥ 3,800
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A piece from Moriyasu Kimura that has received high praise all around the world. There are no 2 of this item, which can be called a work of art, in the world.
"Tenmoku" varies greatly from artist to artist. It is the most attractive pottery that exhibits one's own skills and representation. Devoted to Tenmoku for 50 years, always questioning, "what is my own Tenmoku?" "Moriyasu Tenkoku", who has a questioning mind that doesn't know when to stop, even now continues to evolve.

[About Moriyasu Kimura]
His "Shoju Tenmoku Pot" was permanently preserved in the National Palace Museum in 1986. His work can also be found at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Dallas Museum of Art and the British Museum.
●Materials: ceramic
●Size (approx.): [Opening Diameter] Approx. 14.5cm,​ [Height] Approx. 7.5cm
●Weight (item only): approx. 320g
●Weight (including packaging material): approx. 920g
●Made in Kyoto,​ Kyoto Prefecture
●Brand Name: Moriyasu Kimura Work
[Handling Precautions]
*Each item is made by hand. The item in the picture will be delivered.
*This item can be used as an actual tea ceremony or as an ornament. Please choose how you would like to use this.
*Take proper care taking the item out when unpacking. Gently remove from the wooden box. Unpack in a stable place so that it will not fall.
*Store carefully together with the wooden box.
*No returns accepted.
*After ordering,​ the hakogaki box inscription will take around 2 weeks.
*This item is sent double packed.
*When purchasing other items at the same time,​ this item will be sent out on its own.
[Precautions regarding usage as a tea utensil]
*Do not pour in hot water or apply an open flame. Sudden temperature changes may cause breakage.
*Avoid using a dishwasher and dish-dryer. Please hand wash. Do not rub strongly with a cleanser or nylon scrubbing brush (with abrasive agent).
*Dragging tableware on lacquered trays or tables may cause scratches so please be careful.
*Overglaze,​ gold/silver colored tableware: Avoid using in appliances that become hot such as a microwave or oven.
*Comes in wooden box
*Item Images: Due to the factors such as photographic equipment,​ printing machine etc.,​ the color and shape may have a different appearance to the actual item.
Item No.  W12587

[1-Item Only] Matcha Bowl,​ Tenmoku Andromeda,​ Moriyasu Kimura Work
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