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iPhone 6/6S Cover,​ Takamori Makie,​ Dragon & Phoenix (White)

JP¥ 3,700   (US$ 32.82)
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Winner of the Bronze Prize in the COOL JAPAN Category and the Country/Region Award America Prize at the Japan Tourism Agency's Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest, 2013.
The sturdy polycarbonate body is adorned with Takamori makie.
Takamori makie is Japanese patterns and feng shui patterns designed by painters which have a slightly raised 3D appearance.

A dragon and phoenix come together and dance in this design. The dragon represents male energy and is a yang symbol of vitality. The phoenix represents female brilliance and beauty, and when it is placed together with a dragon, it creates a symbol that represents ultimate yin.
It is an auspicious pattern for enjoying a blessed married life, wealth and a large family that has symbolized marital harmony since ancient times in feng shui - with the dragon representing male and the phoenix female.
●Materials: [Materials] polycarbonate
●Size (approx. mm): Length 139 x Width 70 x Height 9
●Weight (item only)[G] : 16
●Weight (including packaging material)[G] : 44
●Suitable for both iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S.
●Made in Japan ([Main Body: Made in China,​ [Takamori Makie Processing] Made in Japan)
Item No.  W12598

iPhone 6/6S Cover,​ Takamori Makie,​ Dragon & Phoenix (White)
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