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Mokubei Multi-Use Teapot (Underglazed)

JP¥ 6,370 - JP¥ 6,500   (US$ 59.36 - US$ 60.57)
Special Shipping Cost:  Asia: JP¥ 910   North America/Oceania: JP¥ 1,270
Europe: JP¥ 1,400   Africa/South America: JP¥ 1,710
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    The lovely picture has children dressed in Chinese clothing.
    A useful teapot with wonderful versatility that can be used for green tea, black tea etc. Even on busy days, you'll want to make tea in this teapot.
    Suitable for those seeking convenience and those who place value on "the bigger the better". Please enjoy the abundant colors of traditional Kutani-yaki in your everyday life.
    Banko-yaki teapots are regarded highly and this one is adorned with a colorful Kutani-yaki painting. This finely made reasonably priced item is brought to you with the feeling of wanting you to be able to easily use a genuine hand-painted, hand-crafted item.
    These are wholeheartedly and carefully painted one by one by ceramic painting artisans. As these are items you'll use everyday they exude warmth. They also have a certain depth that cannot be achieved in mass production. Please enjoy the abundant colors of traditional Kutani-yaki in your everyday life.

    *Easy to clean and easy to pour from. Designed with a space at the bottom mesh and spout to prevent clogging of tea leaves.
    *By designing it so that the tea strainer goes right down to the teapot base, tea leaves mix well and you can enjoy tea deliciously to the last drop.
    *On the inner side of the lid there is a "magic hammer" picture decal in the hope of bringing you happiness.
    *Everything from the length of the handle to the weight of the teapot has been carefully considered during production so that this is easy to use for many customers.
    *The base is also painted and processed so that it doesn't easily scratch the table underneath.
    *With a colorful picture on the underside for you to enjoy when you are drying this upside-down.
    ●Materials: ceramic
    ●Size (approx.):
    [Large] Diameter 14.2cm,​ Height 9.5cm,​ Capacity 350ml (when 8/10ths full)
    [Small] Diameter 13.5cm,​ Height 8.5cm,​ Capacity 250ml (when 8/10ths full)
    ●Weight (item only) (approx.): Large 350g,​ Small 300g
    ●Weight (including packaging materials) (approx.): Large 750g,​ Small 700g
    ●Made in Nomi,​ Ishikawa Prefecture
    ●Brand Name:: Kutani-yaki (Sakai Hyakkaen)
    By making a little effort before using,​ tea stains won't adhere so easily.
    ① Put in a pot containing cold water and boil.
    ② Boil for approx. 3 minutes with the teapot left in the water.
    ③ When the water has cooled,​ remove.
    ④ Remove moisture with a soft cloth.
    [In order to continue using the item for a long time]
    *Refrain from using cleansers & scrubbing brushes.
    *Do not use in a microwave or oven.
    *Do not wash in a dishwasher.
    *Usually,​ wash with water (upside-down),​ then dry. If possible,​ it is best to remove moisture on the handle and inside using a soft cloth.
    *Should odor be a concern,​ leaving it in the sunlight for a day will mostly get rid of it. If you are worried about hygiene,​ boiling in water is recommended.
    *As this is hand made,​ the weight and painting may differ slightly.
    *Should there be no stock,​ manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer support regarding the delivery date.
    Item No.  W13759

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