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NEW tetu Small Bookstand,​ Osaka Ironware / Koizumi Makoto

JP¥ 4,000   (US$ 37.27)
Special Shipping Cost:  Asia: JP¥ 1,650   North America/Oceania: JP¥ 2,250
Europe: JP¥ 2,500   Africa/South America: JP¥ 3,650
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The source of iron is iron ore formed hundreds of millions of years ago. This ore is melted and shaped, creating a material that is very long-lasting. Also, as cast iron is created by pouring melted iron into a sand mold, a sandy appearance forms on the surface, softening the hard appearance of iron. With its hard yet soft texture, it feels good to the touch and makes for an item you can use for many years as a daily life utensil.
Iron is a very heavy material with a specific gravity of 7.8, approximately 8 times that of water. This item made of cast metal utilizes the weight of such a material.
In a simple L shape that securely holds books. A heavyweight item that is small yet provides firm support.
Osaka Ironware
The area around Kawachi, Osaka, is said to be the birthplace of cast metal in Japan. In the Yayoi period, the beginning of Osaka ironware, it was used to make dotaku bells, bronze mirrors and swords, while in the Nara period it was used for Buddhist statues and temple bells. In recent years, in the midst of advances in mechanization, each item is hand-made using a sand mold using traditional techniques passed down through generations.
●Size: W90 x D90 x H120mm
●Weight: approx. 1.8kg
●Materials: cast iron
●Osaka Tekki
●Made in Osaka,​ Japan
●design: Koizumi Makoto
Item No.  W13811

NEW tetu Small Bookstand,​ Osaka Ironware / Koizumi Makoto
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