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AQUA DROPs Twist Notebook (Grid Type) Semi-B5

JP¥ 320   (US$ 2.83)
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A twist ring notebook in an opaque chic coloration.
●With a pin dot embossed cover page. This polypropylene cover page with pin dot embossing brings to mind water drops falling on to a water's surface. This subtle embossing has different appearances depending on the angle the light hits it.
●A5 has 24 holes and B5 has 29 holes. The slim binding portion allows for smooth page turning.
●When opening: Turn to the page you want to remove/insert or exchange, hold the pages where there is the circle symbol, gently pull each page diagonally outward and the binding portion will open.
●When closing: Simply pinch the rings to close the binding portion. Pinch the rings and smoothly move your fingers down the binding portion from top to bottom to close.
●With the same lightness as a ring notebook so not bulky in your bag.
●Materials: Front Cover,​ Back Cover: polypropylene (transparent color)
Binding Portion: polycarbonate (transparent)
Paper: high-quality paper
●Size (approx.):
Item Width: 12mm
Item Depth: 185mm
Item Height: 252mm
●Semi B5,​ S-type,​ 29 holes
●Weight (Item only): approx. 165g
●Weight (including packaging material): approx. 165g
●Made in Vietnam
●Brand Name: LIHIT LAB.
[Handling Precautions]
●B5 binder notebook 26 hole paper cannot be used.
Item No.  222463

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