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Colorful Paired Cups from Hagi,​ Ripples & Silky Cloud

JP¥ 3,000   (US$ 26.56)
Special Shipping Cost:  Asia: JP¥ 770   North America/Oceania: JP¥ 1,090
Europe: JP¥ 1,200   Africa/South America: JP¥ 1,370
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This is a "Rin crossing certified product".

Colorful Hagi ware.
From classic colors to new ones. Perfect as a gift for yourself or someone else.
Choose your favorite colorful Hagi ware cup in colors created through the combination of clay and glaze.

The hues of this Hagi ware are born from clay and glaze melting together. Due to this, each piece has its own unique coloration.
Please be sure to try out this "Hagiyaki" which is sure to be special for both the giver and the recipient.

The manufacturer was established 40 years and their work is based around the concept of using Hagi ware in everyday life.
These items can be used to enjoy meal times and hopefully you can become familiar to the existence of Hagi ware. Carefully made Hagi ware that can be used as everyday tableware.
Hagi ware's major features are the softness of the clay after firing and its water absorbency. It is fired at a high heat for a relatively short time and retains the sense of the soil, so an item feels soft to the touch, is lightweight and has good heat insulation. Also, as it has absorbency, when using it for many years, tea, alcohol, etc., permeate inside, changing its color. This aspect is highly prized among tea masters who refer to it as "cha-nare" ("tea-accustomed"). Also, it is simply decorated with little painting and each piece features an enjoyable unique appearance created by the blend of clay, application of glaze and brush & spatula marks.
●Materials: ceramic
●Made in Hagi,​ Yamaguchi Prefecture
●Brand Name: SHUTOUEN Hagi no Irodori
●Cup: Diameter 8.0 x Height 11.0cm (240ml) x 2
●Box: 20.0 x 14.0 x Height 9.5cm
●Weight (Item only)[g]: 360
●Weight (including packaging materials)[g]: 560
●Handling Instructions:
[Simple handling instructions for you to use your Hagi ware for many years to come]
Be sure to read this before using.
1. When using for the first time,​ soak all night in water. This will remove the dust and smell from the packing materials.
2. Hagi ware has no glaze applied to the base and so the sand-containing ceramic here is rough and may damage your table top.
It is recommended that you use a mat underneath or,​ should the roughness of the base cause you concern when touched,​ smoothen it with a file or sandpaper.
3. In Hagi ware,​ the gaps between clay particles are not closed. Due to this,​ it may leak. This will stop naturally when using thanks to tea stain penetration.
The manufacturer's products have been anti-leak processed. However,​ in the unfortunate event that leakage continue,​ let product dry thoroughly and then put in omoyu thin rice gruel or funori glue. Leave for 6 hours and this will stop the leaking.
4. When you put strong food/drinks such as acidic,​ oily or alcoholic items into this tableware,​ they will penetrate inside and can cause stains,​ odors and stickiness. Therefore,​ do not leave food/drink items such as these inside for a long time.
Please submerge it in water and let it absorb a certain amount of water to prevent it from absorbing moisture and fat of dishes. Please also be careful not to leave it for a long time after eating,​ and sink it in hot water,​ etc.
5. Put away tableware after it has completely dried. If moisture is left on it,​ it may cause mold. Hagi ware is especially absorbent,​ so be sure that it has dried properly before storing it.
*Due to the characteristics of Hagiyaki,​ the item color,​ pattern,​ shape,​ etc.,​ may differ slightly.
*All its items from the manufacturer are processed with water-repellent finishing so you can casually use Hagi ware utensils everyday for a long time. The finish delays permeation through glaze cracking,​ so you can enjoy change of color over a longer period.
*Hagi ware has minute cracks on its glazing. The cracks make the characteristic soft luster and texture of the ware.
As you use it for a long time,​ tea and alcohol permeates through the cracks and change the color of the ware. This change is highly valued among tea ceremony experts.
However,​ if you serve strongly colored liquid such as tea and coffee in a new Hagi ware item,​ the color may permeate from the crack resulting in stain,​ black spot,​ etc. Please be fully careful when handling Hagi ware items.
*Should there be no stock,​ manufacture will take place after order placement. Delivery may be delayed depending on the item. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W07709

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