Yumeya Hachiman Original Backpack Sack

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An original backpack. Yumeya Hachiman's logo is fashionably printed on a black base in ivory. This backpack sack is a popular item among young people. Suitable for both men and women. Please use stylishly.

Yumeya Hachiman is a brand that works out of a townhouse at Toji Temple, Kyoto.
The official name of Toji Temple is "Yahatasan Konkoumyo Shitenno Kyo-o Gokokuji Himitsudenpoin".
Yumeya Hachiman "proposes fashions with a cultural scent"!

●Materials: 100% polyester (slight water-repellent finish) (Surface: fluorine-type water repellent finish, Inner Side: acrylic coating)
●Size: (Height) 40cm x (Width) 30cm x (Depth) 14cm
●Capacity: 18L
●Item Weight: 280g
●Brand Name: Yumeya Hachiman
●Made in Japan (Kyoto Prefecture)
[Handling Precautions]
・Regarding the fabric used for this item: With current technology, slight color unevenness as well as slight color bleeding and transfer due to friction, dampness, etc. is unavoidable.
・Take proper care using when made wet by rain, sweat etc.
・This item cannot be machine washed.
・Should it get dirty, gently wipe using a damp cloth.
・Due to characteristics of the materials, there is a limit to their durability. Therefore, do not put in excessively heavy items.
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
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